We invite you to taste OMEGAFUL healthy crackers made from sprouted flax seeds and sunflowers. Other products in their composition – hemp, pumpkin, sesame seeds, almonds and coconut flakes, dried fruits and vegetables – are no less useful for our body.

For the production of OMEGAFUL crackers, we germinate flax seed and sunflower seeds to increase the nutritional value and provide more vitamins. Among the most important nutrients are omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, without which the normal functioning of the body is simply impossible. They also contain vitamin B complex, high quality protein, vitamins A, D, E, calcium, unsaturated fats, phosphorus and fluorine.


The Lithuanian company “Veganas” is a reliable and responsible partner not only in business. We really care about having healthy and tasty snacks enriched with nature’s gifts on your table.

UAB “Veganas” is a Lithuanian company that started its activities in 2010, producing crackers from dried flax seeds, dried fruits, vegetables and nuts with spices.

Flaxseed crackers is a raw, living food rich in vitamins and enzymes. Live food is not baked or boiled. This way it preserves its active nutrients. A temperature no higher than 45 degrees C is used for the preparation of such food.

We currently offer 14 types of „Omegafull crackers for everyone according to taste and mood:

UAB “Veganas” team consists of professional, hardworking and dedicated employees. They are constantly improving work methods and looking for new ones and implementing new projects.

We always listen to our customer’s wishes for a tasty and healthy meal and strive to meet their needs.

“Veganas” is a unique Lithuanian company that produces dried snacks from valuable seeds, vegetables and fruits. Our products meet the needs of consumers to eat healthy and tasty and feel good.

Veganas has a long and successful business history in the production of flaxseed crackers. The highest quality raw material is supplied to the company by reliable partners from the EU. Thanks to professionally organized supply of raw materials and production of products, the company offers its customers not only a large product portfolio, but also an attractive price-quality ratio.


To offer a wide range of live and raw food products from valuable flaxseeds and dried products to be enjoyed by as many healthy eaters as possible.


We will strive for every person who wants to eat healthy and delicious to find the right product and feel good.


Care, professionalism, reliability.