Raisins are dried grapefruits. Grape berries are amazing because their useful properties are multiplied several times when dried.

They contain magnesium, potassium, iron, boron, antioxidants, proteins, thiamin, niacin, nitrogenous substances. A small amount of fibers contains vitamins B1, B2, B5. Almost all systems of the human body can benefit from the healing effects of raisins. These dried fruits are used to treat anemia, fever, indigestion, heart disease and kidney failure. Raisins are also beneficial for people with hair loss.

Raisins are very useful for pregnant women who lack hemoglobin and iron. Iron deficiency and low hemoglobin in the blood have a bad effect on nutrition and fetal development. The body’s need for calcium doubles during pregnancy and raisins are also an excellent source of this mineral. Mothers who breastfeed their babies can increase and improve milk lactation, so we recommend including Omegaful raisin carckers in your diet. Raisins are also suitable for regulating the circulatory system. A large amount of potassium and magnesium strengthens the myocardium, improves impulse conduction and balances heart contractions. Raisins significantly reduce swelling and lower blood pressure.\

The oleanolic acid in raisins is an excellent antioxidant and acts as a bacterial inhibitor, which is why raisins are widely used to treat dental problems.

Raisins also contain boron, which is essential for the prevention of osteoporosis. They help our body retain and properly use calcium. Raisins are recommended in the treatment of diseases related to the respiratory tract – bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, and they also help with cough.

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