Bananas have a positive effect on the heart, liver and brain. They contain the so-called happy hormone, so consuming them can significantly improve your mood. Bananas are record holders in the amount of potassium, it is a necessary trace element for our heart, brain and muscle activity. They are rich in vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant that helps us stay young and beautiful, and protects our body from many airborne infections and colds.

Bananas also contain group B vitamins that help reduce stress and irritability, sleepiness, improve memory, attention, and increase efficiency. Keeps hair healthy and improves skin condition. Vitamin E in bananas is an indispensable tool for the skin, it is responsible for its smoothness and elasticity. Carotene helps the body cope with the aging process, protects against oncological diseases, and prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Eating bananas helps lower blood pressure, and their fibrous structure is good for the stomach.

The properties of dried bananas are known to athletes who need glucose – especially to gain energy and strength before competitions. Dried bananas contain a lot of potassium, which helps to remove excess fluid from the body. Both fresh and dried bananas are rich in sugar, which is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream when digested, so it quickly restores strength during intense physical exertion.

For the production of Omegaful dried crackers, we use fresh bananas, which we dry at a temperature of 45 degrees C without using any chemical processing. Bananas do not lose their useful properties, vitamins and minerals during drying.

Enjoy bananas in our OMEGAFUL crackers: