Caraway seeds

Caraway seeds are used as a spice that gives the dish a spicy taste and a pleasant aroma. Caraway is a popular spice in many cuisines around the world, such as: Mexican, Mediterranean, Indian and Chinese dishes.

Like all spices that have been used for thousands of years, caraway has medicinal properties. Caraway seeds is an excellent remedy for digestive disorders – flatulence and flatulence, intestinal spasms. Thymol is a digestive element found in caraway seeds. Thymol starts to work better in the stomach glands, secretes acids, bile, enzymes that help complete digestion in the stomach and intestines. Caraway seeds contains a lot of essential oils, magnesium, sodium, which help reduce stomach pain.

This spice also plays an important role in women’s milk lactation. Caraway seeds, as a diuretic, reduces excess fluid from the chest.

Caraway seeds has an antispasmodic, expectorant effect and serves to treat colds, asthma, fever, and dry cough. These small grains contain diuretics that stimulate kidney function and help dissolve stones.

You can taste the caraway seeds in these Omegaful crackers: