Dried apples

Dried apples contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, fibers, organic acids, potassium, iron. The combination of vitamins B and C is a great helper to protect the skin and muscles to recover from overuse or injuries. Iron improves blood quality and blood’s ability to carry oxygen to body cells. As for magnesium, it copes well with the transmission of signals between nerve cells. If this substance is not enough in the human body, fatigue and weakness are felt. Eating dried apples is good because they do not cause gas in the intestines and are perfect for people who cannot eat fruit for this reason. Dried apples are useful for coughs, hypertension, diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems, as well as constipation. They improve digestion and intestinal function, improve immunity, stimulate the nervous system and have a positive effect on the body’s metabolism.

Apples are recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as for older people. A few apples a day significantly reduces the likelihood of developing senile dementia, memory loss and is perfect for the prevention of oncological diseases. Dried apples are a great alternative to candy and other sweets for children. Although the taste is sweet, dried apples contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Ascorbic acid, which does not disappear during drying, perfectly strengthens the immune system and helps digest fats. Pectin is useful for the prevention of atherosclerosis.

We use fresh apples for some flax seed crackers, which not only improves the taste, but also increases the nutritional value.

Enjoy fresh apples in these crackers: