Oranges and lemons

The most valuable vitamin in citrus fruits is vitamin C, which not only strengthens the immune system, but also protects cells from the negative effects of the environment and fights premature aging. These fruits not only contain ascorbic acid, they are also rich in B vitamins that help reduce insomnia, skin and hair problems, and simply put us in a good mood. B vitamins also have a positive effect on cardiovascular activity. Citrus fruits contain phytoncides, substances that kill or inhibit the growth and development of bacteria and fungi.

Of all citrus fruits, oranges are the richest in vitamins. They are in no way inferior to lemons in terms of vitamin C, in addition, they can boast a much higher amount of B vitamins. The color of the fruit indicates that it also contains vitamin A, which is essential for good eyesight and healthy skin. This fruit contains a lot of pectin, which has a positive effect on the digestive system. The natural sugar in oranges is good for brain function. One of the most useful parts of oranges is the skin. It contains the most vitamin C, flavonoids and strong fibers, which have a positive effect on the digestive tract. Fibers create a feeling of satiety, they swell and help eliminate carbohydrates. Orange oil is an excellent treatment for oral diseases.

In ancient times, oranges were used to treat ulcers and wounds, as the phytoncide contained in them kills microbes. Traditionally, oranges are used prophylactically and for the treatment of avitaminosis, when the acidity of gastric juices decreases, for chronic constipation. Since ancient times, people have used lemon as a medicine to reduce cold or flu symptoms. Its popularity is determined not only by the large amount of ascorbic acid, but also by the element, thanks to which vitamin C is better absorbed in the body, and also helps to remove toxins. It is especially good to use lemon in case of diabetes because it greatly improves the body’s metabolism. The smell of lemon peel helps to relax, reduce stress and fatigue.

It is said that citrus fruits can reduce the risk of some malignant diseases such as: mouth, pharynx and throat and stomach cancer by 40-50%. Chemical compounds called limonoids play an important role in fighting skin cancer, lung, breast, mouth, stomach and colon ailments.

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